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The forum rules, announcements and some rather usefully information are located here.

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19 84 New Board Created
by Iblis
May 11, 2017 14:29:16 GMT -4
Introductions & Dropping Out

Please introduce yourself to the forum first before joining in on one of our activities. If you are leaving the forum please post here as well.

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Advertisements and Affiliations

At this board you will be able to advertise your site or Affiliate with this one. Guest friendly!

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413 514 demon slayer: rising! an AU demon slayer RP
by DSRStaff
Sept 6, 2021 14:03:43 GMT -4

Character Creation

Original Characters

All Original Characters are posted here

Sub-boards: New Characters, Umineko Characters, Higurashi Ocs, Other Ocs

124 308 Kesil Mechnikov (updated)
by Edgar Tiller
Aug 5, 2021 12:38:04 GMT -4

Roleplaying Area

Umineko Rp

Rokkenjima, the isle of illusions where the Golden Witch resides has extended an invitation to all those able to bear witness to the madness of witches. In this place between fiction and reality we weave our eternal tales.

Moderator: Kirei Ryuusei

Sub-boards: Umineko Roleplaying, Umineko Freeplays, Umineko Private, Umineko Plots

14 229 "Mystery Solving Society" Club - The Tojo Forgeries #14
by кαηα
Apr 3, 2016 12:12:56 GMT -4
Higurashi Rp

In the town of Hinamizawa, and endless labyrinth of fate has ensnared its populace and its up to a group of friends to break their eternal torture. When the cicadas cry none are left alive.

Moderator: кαηα

Sub-boards: Higurashi Roleplaying, Higurashi Freeplays, Higurashi Private, Higurashi Plots

27 975 Together Again (SatokoxSatoshi)
by Sayu
Jul 3, 2017 2:07:04 GMT -4
07th Expansion Rp

When these two worlds collide none will truly survive.

Moderator: ωαяυ

Sub-boards: 07th Expansion Roleplaying, Crossover Freeplays, 07th Private, Coliseum, Crossover Plots

27 659 Misapprehension
by Calvinic
Feb 6, 2016 14:48:17 GMT -4
Oc Roleplaying

Roleplay in your favorite Higu/Umi settings with your own original characters here~

Moderator: Iblis

Sub-boards: Seikawa, Oc Roleplays, Oc Freeplay, Private Rp, Oc Plots, Extra Oc Board

138 5,214 Choice
by Iblis
Jun 2, 2018 23:19:37 GMT -4
Other Rp

Anything not related to WTC RP shall go here.

Moderator: Sayu

Sub-boards: Other Roleplaying, Other Freeplay, Other Private, Other Plots

36 1,094 A Bit of Blackroot (Iblis)
by Sayu
Jul 26, 2018 17:41:01 GMT -4

Out of Character

Artistic Works & Literature

You can share your talent on this board by showing your art or literature to this forum.

Sub-boards: Traditional Art, Digital Art, Avatars & Signatures, Manga/Doujin, Official Art & Fanart, Higanbana Fan Fiction, Higurashi Fan Fiction, Umineko Fan Fiction, Literary

195 1,826 OC drawings
by Sayu
Feb 6, 2018 1:10:14 GMT -4
General Discussion

General Discussion is a place for general topics that do not fit into the categories of other forums on When They Cry. Please remember to post spoiler warnings.

Sub-boards: 07th Expansion, Rp Talk, Venting Area, General Stuff, Blog Area, Funny Games

171 3,241 The memories of this place.
by Calvinic
May 13, 2018 11:14:39 GMT -4
Videos & Music

Here you can post, share, and view others video and music submissions.

Sub-boards: Videos, Music

66 431 You Killed Lorelei!
by Kirei Ryuusei
Jun 1, 2013 17:41:53 GMT -4

Timeless threads, completed roleplays and funny moments are store here for your viewing pleasure.

Sub-boards: Umineko Rp, Higurashi Rp, Crossovers Rp, OC Rp

22 1,348 Popularity of ΛΔ (Kana)
by KuroMaboroshi
May 12, 2014 21:53:36 GMT -4


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